About Start Up SME

Slovak legal entity, StartUp & SME Partners, s.r.o. will be Business Service company, including providing of Network, Education, Events for entrepreneurs and investors, mostly for startups and SMEs, via Bratislava, connecting Central/Eastern Europe opportunity to CIS (Ukraine, Russia, Georgia, Belorussia, Azerbaijan etc.) and sharing experience among each other.

Bratislava has excellent, central European, location and prospective to be best alternative of Berlin entrepreneurial Ecosystem. Bratislava has one uniqueness, which, non of cities has in the world. In the suburbs of Bratislava, just 35 minutes of drive, there is world’s best livable city, Vienna, with €86.5b total GDP, €47,700 per. Inhabitant. 1.8 million population and 27 million yearly tourists.

Besides location, Slovakia has pro EU government, good infrastructure, educated workforce, efficient tax system, nice work/life balance, 4 season climate, 0,5 million capital Bratislava, affordable cost of living, expectable educational system and EURO, as national currency, which is exception for eastern European neighbors.

For SMEs (Small & Medium Enterprises) and StartUps, we can do following Business Services:

  • Incorporating Slovakian LTD or JSC
  • Opening bank account in Euro
  • Providing legal and mail address for company and owners/managers
  • Filing local TAX and Maintaining company accounting in good standards
  • Providing European quality Legal support and court representation
  • Assisting in HR selection process
  • Organize CoWork, office space, housing and warehouse service (with soft for better controlling stock)
  • Organize EU customs clearance in Slovakia for non EU country feneficiary further redirecting export in EU
  • Assisting non EU country production companies to move product assemble in Slovakia and finish goods
  • Organizing “Made in EU”, if that critical for non EU country entrepreneur
  • Providing bank financing if business has 2-3 years successful working experience in Slovakia and maintains sufficient stock in warehouse for bank credit risk analysis
  • For non EU country founders of StartUps/SMEs, organize integration in to CEE (Austria, Slovakia, Czech, Hungary, Poland) EcoSystem, including information regarding EU or/and local government grants for startups
  • Connecting non EU country founders of StartUps/SMEs to CEE (Austria, Slovakia, Czech, Hungary, Poland) VCs, PEs, Angels and other financing opportunities
  • Preparing documents for Slovakia/EU permanent residency for non EU country investor, including family members and company top managers

Every month, we will provide event, dedicate to SMEs (Small & Medium Enterprises) and StartUps from Central/Eastern Europe (Austria, Slovakia, Czech, Hungary, Poland) and CIS (Ukraine, Russia, Georgia, Belorussia, Azerbaijan etc.) for attract investors, increasing trade, exchange goods, experience, technology and provide education in different subjects.